Type of data processed

ZAR mini GmbH performing the processing of personal data that you provided when the preliminary negotiations, the contract is signed and / or accession to the service, or communicate in the course of the investigation. Such data is common, and where it is strictly necessary data type identifier.

Treatment Purposes

The processing of personal data is carried out by ZAR mini GmbH only for the following purposes:

* Obligations of the law or acts having the force of law and / or administrative and bookkeeping: invoicing, obligatory books of accounts and records, contractual obligations related to the management of the relationship.
* Compilation of questionnaires and field studies.
* Carry out market surveys and marketing studies.
* Camera circulars and / or promotional

Mode and duration of treatment

Your personal information is stored on computer and paper. If necessary, assumes responsibility for updating and / or modified in accordance with the provisions in force.

The data is handled within the company, by employees and by employees who have been appointed managers and / or processors who have received the necessary and appropriate information.